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January 1, 2000

June 24, 2019 

#ICYMI Rental Housing Viability Seminar

At our breakfast seminar, Challenges of Creating Viable Rental Housing, UDI members heard firsthand from presenters Robert Brown from Catalyst Development, Jay Wollenberg of Coriolis Consulting, Ward McAllistar of Ledingham McAllistar and Cynthia Jagger from the Goodman Report, on the potential solutions, policy levers and incentives that exist to encourage more rental development.

The presentations gave a compelling account of the issues with creating affordable housing in Metro Vancouver. Cynthia set the stage with an overview of the current purpose-built rental stock in Metro Vancouver and the economic and policy challenges that builders face in constructing all types of homes. See here for her presentation.

As a non-profit builder, Robert Brown provided a broad overview of how Catalyst partners with non-profits, municipalities and private builders to build affordable housing. See here for his presentation.

Jay Wollenberg insightfully outlined the conditions that are required to build new affordable rental. See here for his perspective on popular policy levers municipalities have been utilizing to increase affordability – specifically the use of rental-only zoning powers and inclusionary rental zoning.

Ward McAllistar’s presentation largely centered on Ledingham McAllistar’s success in building partnerships and access funding via BC Housing. See here for his presentation.

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