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Municipal News- Maple Ridge

January 1, 2000

September 22, 2020

Revised Zoning Bylaw

A new Zoning Bylaw No. 7600-2019, which applies to all lands within the City of Maple Ridge, is intended to replace the City’s existing Zoning Bylaw No. 3510-1985.

The new Zoning Bylaw No. 7600-2019 has received First and Second Readings at Council and went to Public Hearing on September 15, 2020.  

The Zoning Bylaw No. 7600-2019 contains the following main categories of regulations:

  • Regulations dividing the City into zones, including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and comprehensive development zones;
  • Includes general regulations pertaining to prohibited uses; specific land uses; size, shape and siting of buildings and structures; landscaping and permeable surfaces; waste and renewable energy; and lot area and dimension requirements for subdivision. 
  • Within each zone, regulations for the permitted use and density of use of land, buildings and other structures;
  • Regulations for setbacks, and for the height of buildings and structures;
  • Regulations for the area, shape and dimensions of new lots;
  • Regulations for waste management and energy systems;
  • Regulations for landscaping and fencing;
  • General regulations, including for administration and enforcement of the bylaw;
  • Transitional provisions to accommodate zone amending bylaws under Zoning Bylaw No. 3510, 1985 that are in-stream.

The old and new zoning bylaw will run simultaneously for the next while (roughly one year), until the new zoning bylaw is gradually be transitioned to be the primary document to follow. City staff has also suggested that periodic amendments be made to the new bylaw as needed.

Maple Ridge has received preliminary approval from the Ministry of Transportation, however, final approval is still required.

UDI intends to discuss this further with staff from the City of Maple Ridge at the next Development Liaison Committee meeting.

A copy of the new Zoning Bylaw can be found here: Zoning Bylaw No. 7600-2019.  A copy of Schedule A – Zoning Map can be found here: Zoning Map.

Please contact Richard Demkiw with any questions or comments.


September 8, 2020

UPDATED: Off-Street Parking and Loading Bylaw

At the Maple Ridge Liaison Committee meetings on October 29 and May 29 staff updated UDI members on their plans to amend the tandem parking provisions in the Zoning Bylaw and Off-Street Parking and Loading Bylaw. Several members noted concerns regarding the impact that this proposal could have on site yields

On August 27 UDI alongside HAVAN submitted a joint letter of response to City of Maple Ridge highlighting several recommendations.

The proposal is set to go to Council in late September/ early October.

See here for the letter.

See here for the May 29 staff presentation which highlights the proposed tandem parking changes.


June 16, 2020

Ground-Oriented Residential Infill Development Permit Guidelines

At Maple Ridge’s Council Workshop on June 9 there was a report on draft Ground-Oriented Residential Infill Development Permit Guidelines.

The city is looking to streamline the development applications for triplex, fourplex, and courtyard housing. The report includes illustrative images and cross sections and identifies the intent, guidelines concepts as well as the key design elements of the housing types.

Upon Council direction, staff will draft an OCP amending bylaw to integrate the proposed amendments. Staff will make sure that the guidelines are referenced in upcoming Council reports for any applications that have no already completed third reading. For applications that have already received third reading will proceed through the Multi-Family Residential Development Permit process.

See p. 7 of the agenda for more information.


May 19, 2020

UPDATED: Tandem Parking Bylaw

At the Maple Ridge Council Workshop on May 12 (item 4.6), there was a discussion regarding proposed amendments to the Tandem Parking Bylaw for townhouse developments (see the attached document). 

See below the three options staff presented to Council: 

  • Option 1: 30% tandem garages and 70% double-car garages, including a 6 m (19.7 ft.) driveway apron for the second space, prohibiting two-car enclosed tandem garages; 
  • Option 2: 70% tandem garages and 30% double-car garages, including a 6 m (19.7 ft.) driveway apron for the second space, prohibiting two-car enclosed tandem garages; or 
  • Option 3: 30% tandem garages and 70% double-car garages, allowing two-car enclosed tandem garages, but with slightly shorter driveway aprons to accommodate a smaller vehicle (i.e. 4 m (13.1 ft.)). 2013-096-RZ Page 2 of 8 

At the Workshop Meeting Council were leaning towards selecting Option 1), however, referred the item to staff to add an amendment that would allow the flexibility to go up to 50% tandem, 50% double car garages for townhouses. If adopted, developers would likely still need to submit a parking variance for the 50/50 option. As a result, Council sent the bylaw back to staff for further consideration. 

See here for the link to the agenda and page 94 for item 4.6. See here for the link to the Workshop video.


May 5, 2020

Access Management Policy

On April 27, the City of Maple Ridge adopted the Access Management policy, which identified that the practice of restricting access on all current arterial roads may be overly restrictive on some of the lower volume arterial roads.

The policy will create two new road classifications, major and minor arterial roads, and define the hierarchy of access control.

The report highlights that during the redevelopment process that higher density land use is promoted along major corridors and direct access to major arterial roads is minimized. The intent of the policy is to designate and minor arterial roadways and clearly identify when access can be considered and when alternative access will be required. The intent of both classifications is to have uninterrupted traffic flow except at intersections and crosswalks.

The proposed reclassification of arterial roadways is summarized by location in Appendix A/B of the full report (see the link below).

The scheduled update of the Strategic Transportation Plan is expected to further update the road classifications based on traffic volumes, and any changes will be incorporated into the Policy.

See here for the full report.


May 19, 2020 

See here for the latest news updates from the City of Maple Ridge

Latest updates include:

April 30th Maple Ridge City Council Delays Property Tax Penalty Date to October 1

April 21st Maple Ridge Update for Citizens on COVID-19 Response

April 17th City of Maple Ridge Response to Provincial Property Tax Framework Announcement

April 16th Maple Ridge Backs Regional Call for Emergency Funding for Translink


April 21, 2020

New Sign Bylaw Approved

On April 14th, the City of Maple Ridge put forward a New Sign Bylaw that received first, second, and third reading, and was unanimously carried. The bylaw applies to all lands in the city and consists of the following regulations:

  • Definitions and Interpretations
  • General Provisions & Exemptions
  • Prohibitions & Non-Conforming Signs
  • Maintenance & Inspections
  • Specific Regulations & Schedules

Among the changes were updates to developer signage both on and offsite. See pg. 43 of the April 14th meeting agenda for the full report.


March 25, 2020 

See here for COVID 19 Information Updates

November 25, 2019

UPDATED: Tandem Parking Bylaw

The City of Maple Ridge is working on updating its tandem parking bylaw. Please see the link to the presentation from the UDI Maple Ridge Liaison committee meeting here. See the proposed amendments below:

  • Add the “Tandem Parking definition to the Zoning Bylaw definitions section
  • Amend RM-1 zone as follows
    • Limit a townhouse block to 6 units 45 meters (147.5ft) in length
    • Prohibiting two-car enclosed garages
    • Restricting the percentage of single-car tandem garages to 30%
  • Amend the Off-Street Parking and Loading Bylaw as follows
    • To provide a minimum driveway apron of 6m (20 ft.) in length by 3m (10ft.) in width for single-car tandem garages
    • To specify the minimum internal dimensions of a single-car tandem garage in the RM-1 zone as 3.8m (12.5 ft.) in width, 6.7m (22 ft.) in length, and 2.1m (6.9 ft.) in height
    • To specify the minimum internal dimensions of a double-car garage in the RM-1 zone as 6.5m (21.3 ft.) in width, 6.7m (22 ft.) in length, and 2.1m (6.9 ft.) in height

The draft bylaws will be reviewed and potentially revised based on feedback obtained, so please contact Michelle Baski with any questions or comments.  This feedback will be included in the report back to Council on Dec.10th, 2019.


UPDATED: Density Bonus Rates

At the last UDI Maple Ridge committee meeting on October 25th 2019, the City of Maple Ridge presented updates to draft Density Bonus regulations. Please see the presentation here. If you have questions regarding the proposed changes or would like additional information the staff contact will be Amanda Grochowich (604-463-5221).


September 30, 2019

Density Bonus Rate Consultation

Maple Ridge Council is exploring a set of revised density bonus regulations for new development from an earlier set of provisions approved in principle in 2018. The proposed regulations remove any optional requirements to provide below-market rental floor space in exchange for bonus density. Instead, the revised density bonus regulations now focus on an increased set of cash contribution rates which would be used to fund affordable rental housing projects. The proposal is on the agenda (p.237) for the regular Council meeting on October 1st. It will also be discussed in the next month’s Maple Ridge Development Liaison Committee meeting.

Please submit your response on the enclosed proposed density bonus requirements to Amanda Grochowich, Planner, City of Maple Ridge at 604-463-5221 agrochowich@mapleridge.ca by October 11, 2019.

If you have any other comments or concerns, please contact Richard Demkiw.


September 16, 2019

Tandem Parking Consultation

The City of Maple Ridge is contemplating restricting tandem parking in townhouse projects. They are proposing that only 30% of the units in each project be permitted to have tandem parking. Dimensions of the spaces are also specified. Two-car tandem parking garages will also not be permitted. The City is seeking comments by early October, as a report will be going to Council in November. UDI will be providing comments, as these type of restrictions on tandem parking add substantial costs for homebuyers. If you have any comments, please contact Cassandra McColman.


July 8, 2019

Zoning Bylaw Review

The City of Maple Ridge has been conducting a review of its Zoning Bylaw, which last received a major update in 1985. A report went to Council in the spring, and staff wrote a June 27, 2019 letter to UDI seeking input on the draft Bylaw and map by July 31. If you have projects in Maple Ridge, please review the draft documents and provide your comments and questions to Cassandra McColman by July 29, 2019.

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