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January 25, 2001

November 29, 2022

2023 Fees and Charges Review 

On November 15th, Council approved the proposed 2023 fee increases, changes to existing fees and charges, and the introduction of new fees. Some changes in the proposed 2023 fees and charges include: 

  • New fee to differentiate between engineering services and planning services for 12-month extensions ($1,500 – Engineering Subdivision PLA 12-Month Extension) – this fee will replace the Engineering Administration Fee (5% of the total cost of the works) 
  • New fee for the added cost of completing finalized paving after a project ($1,300 per linear meter – Surface Restoration Fee for Water and Sewage) 
  • Removal of fees to cut Conifers (Cedars majority) under 15 since the City no longer wants to provide opportunities to cut loads of Cedar 
  • Increases to current fees and charges – the full list of proposed fee increases can be accessed here 

The 2023 proposed fees and charges is expected to be brought for first, second, and third reading at the December 5th Regular Council Meeting and brought for adoption at the December 19th Regular Council Meeting. With that timeline, it is anticipated that the proposed fees and charges will come into effect January 1st, 2023. 

For more information, read the full report (see Table 2 for proposed new fees). 


Builders’ Forum on Proposed DCCs/CACs 

On November 16th, the City held a Builders’ Forum to discuss the proposed DCC/CAC increases of 218-354%. The forum was well-attended with members from both UDI as well as the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Fraser Valley (CHBA FV). Many attendees echoed UDI/CHBA FV’s key points including recommendations to phase in the increases, consider increasing the assist factor and/or staggering capital projects, and provide more grandparenting provisions.  

We have been in contact with City staff and have requested the following information so we are able to provide further input: 

  • A request for the City to provide some sensitivity analysis on the DCC rates including sensitivity around growth rate (i.e. compare 1.5% and 2.0% to current 1.75%) and the program years (i.e. how would the capital budget and, consequently, the DCC rate change if the program spanned 20 years as opposed to 27 years);  
  • Clarification as to how the City arrived at a $7M/ha cost for park land acquisition;   
  • A request for maps with proposed capital projects that showcase the benefitting area of each project; and   
  • A request to see Chilliwack added to the list of municipalities compared for DCCs and CACs since it has similar population size and access to transit. 

Staff have indicated that they are planning to bring this to Council in December. UDI is tracking this and will provide updates as needed. 

For more information, read the Q&A addressed at the session or see the presentation. 


November 15, 2022

UPDATE: Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw and Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Policy Amendments – Stakeholder and Public Engagement Report 

On November 7th, a report went to Council on the stakeholder and public engagement conducted so far on the proposed DCC Bylaw and CAC Policy amendments which would increase both DCCs and CACs by 218-354%. The report summarized questions/comments that UDI raised during a meeting with City staff in October including: 

  • A request for the City to provide some sensitivity analysis on the DCC rates including sensitivity around growth rate (i.e. compare 1.5% and 2.0% to current 1.75%) and the program years (i.e. how would the capital budget and, consequently, the DCC rate change if the program spanned 20 years as opposed to 27 years); 
  • Clarification as to how the City arrived at a $7M/ha cost for park land acquisition;  
  • A request for maps with proposed capital projects that showcase the benefitting area of each project; and  
  • A request to see Chilliwack added to the list of municipalities compared for DCCs and CACs since it has similar population size and access to transit. 

The City is hosting a Builders’ Forum on November 16th at 6:30pm-9:00pm – we encourage builders working in Mission to attend. To RSVP, click here


November 1, 2022

DCC and CAC Updates Information Session 

As noted in previous newsletters, Mission is in the process of reviewing and updating its DCC bylaw and CAC policy with a proposed increase of 218-354% for DCCs and 156% for CACs. The City of Mission is hosting an information session on Wednesday, November 16th to seek feedback from builders and the public on its proposed DCC and CAC increases, which will then be summarized and shared with Council. 

The information session details are below: 

Date: November 16, 2022 

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm 

Location: River Room at the Best Western Plus Mission City Lodge (32281 Lougheed Highway) 

To RSVP, click here


September 20, 2022

UPDATE: 2022 Community Amenities Contribution (CAC) 

At a Special Council Meeting on September 6th, Council discussed the Financial Contributions for Community Amenities Policy. During the meeting, Council voted on each item included in the August 15th and September 6th reports. 

Highlights are summarized below: 

  • The target residential CAC amount will be based on the number of single-family and multi-family units being developed (as opposed to lot size); 
  • The per unit CAC sought from multi-family residential development will be the same as the per unit contribution sought from single-family residential development; 
  • The proposed CAC rate sought for each residential unit is $7200 (compared to $8000 in the July 11th Report and $9700 in the August 15th Report); 
  • Council has decided not to introduce a CAC for commercial development in this Policy 
  • The CAC exemption in the Mission Downtown Development Incentive Program will be removed ; 
  • The proposed interim CAC in the amount of the foregone DCC levy charged between approval of this policy and the adoption of the DCC bylaw update will be removed; 
  • Green initiatives will be added to the list of CAC eligible projects – however, a list of eligible green initiatives will be developed in collaboration with stakeholders during consultation; 
  • The policy includes annual CPI increases; 
  • The policy will be reviewed again when the Facilities Master Plan (expected Spring 2023) and the Trails and Parks Master Plan (expected 2024) are completed and then during the regular DCC review cycle thereafter. 

The City plans to conduct stakeholder consultation in the next 2 months with the Development Liaison Committee and through a developer’s forum. The Policy is expected to be brought back to Council (with feedback integrated) in a meeting mid-November. 

For more information, read the full report


Neighbourhood Engagement Policy 

On September 6th, Council approved the Neighbourhood Engagement Policy (previously titled the Neighbourhood Approach Policy). The Neighbourhood Engagement Policy consists of two main parts: Public Information Process and Development Application Submission Questions. The Neighbourhood Engagement Policy is intended to establish procedures for early notification to increase public information about development proposals as well as establish development application submission questions to “encourage applicants to submit proposals that provide broad community benefits and to mitigate development impacts”. 

This policy applies: 

  • City-wide to all areas of Mission excluding areas with an adopted Neighbourhood Plan; 
  • To Rezoning and Development Permit applications within the OCP Urban Growth Boundary (where it applies to apartment, townhouse, commercial, mixed-use, and industrial development) and Rezoning applications for single family detached development resulting in 10 or more new lots located outside of the Urban Growth Boundary; 
  • To cases where the development proposal includes significant changes in direction for a Neighbourhood Plan including land use changes not identified in the Plan; 
  • For Development Permit applications for multi-family residential development, mixed-use, commercial, and industrial development that do not require a Rezoning application. 

For Rezoning and Development Permit applications where the Policy applies: 

  • Development applicants must notify residents at the early stage of a development application via a Pre-Notification Letter, web-based survey, or public information meeting before a proposal is presented to Council for introduction of a zoning bylaw amendment or approval of a development permit; 
  • Staff will provide applicants with a notification radius and mailing list 
  • Development applicants must provide a detailed explanation illustrating how each of the questions established in the Policy have been addressed. 

This Policy is proposed to be implemented in 2023. 

For more information, read the full report or see the policy


September 6, 2022

Builder’s Step Code Workshop 

The City of Mission is hosting a free BC Energy Step Code workshop from 3:00pm-7:00pm on September 8th at the Clarke Theatre for local builders, architects, designers, contractors, and the greater community. 

The BC Energy Step Code will be coming to Mission later this year, following a province-wide objective to improve energy efficiency by 20% in all new residential construction by 2022. 

Register here


UPDATE: Community Amenity Contributions Policy Update 

As noted in previous newsletters, on July 11th an update to the Financial Contributions for Community Amenities Policy was introduced to Council. Following the resolutions that came out of this meeting, a report to Council was submitted on August 15th with a list of policy options and was ultimately referred back to staff. 

UDI submitted a letter to Council to offer some initial comments and key considerations as the City moves forward with more work on this Policy, including: 

  • Consultation with the development industry 
  • Phasing 
  • Removal of interim CACs in the amount of the “foregone DCC levy” which was proposed to be charged between when the CAC policy is approved and the DCC increases are adopted 
  • Needs assessment approach in determining CAC rates 

The Policy is expected to be discussed further during the Regular Council Meeting on September 6th. UDI will continue to provide updates as information arises. 


August 23, 2022

Silverdale Central Neighbourhood Plan 

On August 15th, Council approved the Silverdale Central Neighbourhood Plan. The Silverdale Central Neighbourhood Plan will guide development in Silverdale’s first urban neighbourhood over the next 60+ years. The Central Neighbourhood Plan is one of three neighbourhood plans that will be developed in southwest Mission in the Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area.  

For more information, see the full report or the full plan


August 9, 2022

2022 Development Cost Charge Update 

On July 11th, Council directed City staff to begin stakeholder consultation on the 2022 Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw update.  

The proposed DCC Bylaw update is a full review of the DCC program including adjustments to growth projections and the DCC capital project list. Please see below for a comparison of proposed and current DCC rates: 


The City will proceed with stakeholder consultation over the next 6 weeks. Following stakeholder consultation, City staff will bring the proposed DCC Bylaw update to Council for the first three readings. 

For more information, please read the full report (see pg. 2). 


2022 Community Amenity Contribution Update 

On July 11th, Council passed the following resolutions related to the proposed update on 2022 Community Amenity Contributions (CACs): 

That the recommendation to bring forward LAN.40(C) be deferred to the August 15, 2022 Regular Council Meeting pending additional information from staff in regard to: 

  • A “per door” CAC calculation rather than a “per hectare”, per townhouse, or per apartment; 
  • The impact on the development of downtown if Council does not continue with the Downtown Action Plan; 
  • Green amenities to be added, i.e. EV Charging stations, recycle facilities; 
  • Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase included in the Policy; and 
  • Policy to include a “Review” timeline. 

That staff provide recommendations regarding an interim contribution target or surcharge fee for development applications received by the City after third reading, and prior to the adoption, of the Development Cost Charge Bylaw. 

Proposed changes to the CAC Policy include: 

  • Transition from a per unit CAC rate to flat rate based on the size of the property being rezoned and OCP designation of the land being considered; 
  • Proposed CAC rates: 

  • Exemption for affordable housing and for development in the Downtown Action Plan Area remain intact – although, the City may reconsider whether it wants to include the designated downtown area in the future; 
  • Exemption introduced for rental housing units. 

For more information, please read the full report (see pg. 67). 


Environmental Charter: A Climate and Environmental Action Plan 

On July 18th, Council endorsed the Environmental Charter 2022-2027 which is a “5-year action plan to address climate change, foster resilient and vibrant communities, and protect and enhance ecosystems and green spaces now and into the future”. The Climate and Environmental Action Plan consists of a total of 69 actions in the areas of Leadership, Transportation, Buildings and Land Use, Waste Management, Infrastructure, as well as Ecosystems and Greenspaces. 

Relevant actions include: 

  • Transportation
    • Prioritize public transit/ridership
    • Accelerate complete streets
  • Buildings and Land Use 
    • Build walkable, compact, mixed-use 
    • Protect employment lands 
    • Incentivize LEED or equivalent 
    • Advance BC Energy Step Code 
    • Incentivize heat pumps
    • Incentivize renewable/district energy 
  • Infrastructure 
    • Accelerate install of water meters 
  • Ecosystems and Greenspaces 
    • Ensure 5 minute walk to green space/parks 
    • Develop land clearing management bylaw 

For more information, please read the full report or the full Environmental Charter


June 28, 2022

Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan 

At Council on June 20th, the Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan received Third Reading and Public Hearing. 

The Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan will be the guiding document for future development, infrastructure, and public realm investments throughout the waterfront’s 296 acres of land. The Plan envisions redevelopment in this area to build a successful waterfront community with “boutiques, artists’ studios, small galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants, and markets integrated with waterfront walkways, higher density housing, and industrial uses”. There will also be provisions for affordable housing mostly through a density bonusing program. 

The Plan is expected to be adopted by Council in July 2022. 


Silverdale – Central Neighbourhood Plan 

At Council on June 20th, the Central Neighbourhood Plan – Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area received Second Reading.  

The Central Neighbourhood Plan is one of three neighbourhood plans that will be developed in southwest Mission in the Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area. The Plan involves 1,800 acres in southwest Mission and has a provision for apartment and townhouse development. 

The Public Hearing is scheduled for June 27, 2022 and the Plan is expected to be adopted by Council by July 2022. 


February 23, 2022

Affordable Housing Strategy 

On February 7, 2022, Mission Council received a revised draft of the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy (AHS) that had been under development for the past year. This 10-year plan recommends the following strategies be used to support affordable housing: 

  • Expand the supply and diversity of housing through improved staff capacity and streamlined approval processes; 
  • Expand the supply of new rental and affordable housing through a clarified density bonus program, CAC policy revisions and the creation of an affordable housing reserve fund; 
  • Partner with senior governments to access funding; 
  • Build awareness of funding opportunities with local non-profits through partnerships and an inventory of public buildings and non-profit sites that could accommodate affordable housing; 
  • Build awareness and support for managing growth and affordable housing by locating higher density housing near transit and amenities as well as through the neighbourhood planning processes; and 
  • Address inadequate living conditions and minimize the impacts on tenants through the development of a Standards of Maintenance Bylaw and Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy.  

The strategy also recommends the use of pre-zoning and DCC exemptions for affordable housing. 

The UDI is represented on the Development Liaison Committee which worked with the City’s Sustainable Housing Committee to develop the strategy (see the City’s response to Committee input here), and will continue to refine the Strategy in its implementation. 


Stave Heights Plan 

Also on February 7, 2022, Mission Council received a draft Neighbourhood Plan for the Stave Heights area (formerly Parr Local Area Plan). The NP will allow apartment densities up to 1.5 FAR in areas 800m from shops and amenities, with declining densities in townhomes and detached homes further away.  

This Plan also includes protections for a number of existing conservation areas and Class A Watercourses.  The staff report also outlines the consultation feedback that was undertaken in 2021 and subsequent changes. UDI members previously raised concerns that the area-specific CAC being proposed for the NP was so high that it would discourage development. 

The corresponding financial report and engineering services plan will be completed following Bylaw and Plan adoption. 


Central Neighbourhood Plan 

Mission is conducting a large planning process in Silverdale- currently staff are consulting on the Central Neighbourhood. The Planning Principles and Preferred Draft Plan Package (including land uses) have been released, and staff are currently holding online Q+A sessions through February 9th.  

A Survey is also open until February 23rd. If you are building in Mission, we’d encourage anyone in this group to provide input. 


June 1, 2021

Silverdale Plan Update

At the District of Mission’s Council meeting of May 17 a report on the Central Neighbourhood of the Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area (SCPA) was presented to Council for informational purposes. The purpose of the report (See the report on p.39) was to provide an update of the work completed on SCPA plan being developed.

A covering report and presentation of two land use options will be presented to Council on June 7. The intent is NOT to pick which option is best, but to allow comments on the elements of each option and to develop the “preferred land use plan.’

 Broader engagement on the land use options is slated to start after the Council presentation in June. 


Waterfront Revitalization Initiative – Masterplan progress update 

At the District of Mission Regular Council meeting of May 17 a report on the Mission Waterfront Revitalization Initiative – Master Plan Progress Update and accompanying presentation were received for informational purposes (See the report on p.49).

The Waterfront Comprehensive Planning Area includes 296 acres of land which the District of Mission aims to revitalize. The presentation provides an overview of the process, objectives associated with the Masterplan, as well as an overview of the principles that will guide the community engagement process.


September 22, 2020

Tree Management Bylaw

Earlier this year the District of Mission Council directed staff to prepare a District-wide Tree Management Bylaw to help manage tree removal and maintain Mission’s tree canopy. Mission’s draft Tree Management Bylaw and the associated report was presented to Council on September 8th.

Staff have now started the public consultation process and are looking for feedback on:

  • Tree coverage objectives;
  • Permit requirements
  • Enforcement, fines, fees and penalties; and
  • General comments

The survey can be found here and will remain open from September 16th to October 16th.

There is a workshop with the Development Liaison Committee to discuss some of these comments on Sept 24th.

Additional comments can be sent to Barry Azevedo at  bazevedo@mission.ca and Barclay Pitkethly (Deputy CAO) at  bpitkethly@mission.ca.

Further questions regarding the proposed tree manage bylaw can be emailed to treemanagement@mission.ca

See here for the Tree Management Bylaw Scenario, which contains a series of scenarios and is intended to illustrate how the bylaw would be applied.


May 19, 2020 

District of Mission COVID-19 Alerts, Announcements, Recent Updates found here.

See here for COVID-19 Updates from the District of Mission

May 6th Notice of Waived Public hearing https://www.mission.ca/notice-of-waived-public-hearings-luc18-023-r18-037-r19-016-r19-019-and-r19-039/

May 6th Penalty Date for late payment of property taxes extended 90-days https://www.mission.ca/penalty-date-for-late-payment-of-property-taxes-extended-90-days/

May 4th Council Meeting Highlights May 4th https://www.mission.ca/council-meeting-highlights-may-4-2020/

April 29th District Appoints New Manager of Communications and Public Engagement https://www.mission.ca/district-appoints-new-manager-of-communications-and-public-engagement/

April 6th Council Meeting Highlights https://www.mission.ca/council-meeting-highlights-april-6-2020/

March 24 Spring Cleanup and Household Hazardous Waste Day postponed, Curbside Collection and Recycling Depot Changes announced

March 24 Message from Mayor and Council

March 23 Mission COVID-19 Assessment Centre and Vulnerable Persons Action Team announced, Mission Public Schools playgrounds closed.

March 22 District playgrounds to be closed.March 20Mayor’s Message in March 20th edition of Mission Record

March 20  Parks programs cancelled, Landfill no longer accepting cash and free BC Transit and rear-door loading.

March 18 – Municipal Buildings close to the public

March 17 Leisure Centre and Library close to the public



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