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January 1, 2000

August 10, 2021

Permitted Projections in Multi-Use Residential 

Further to previous updates, on July 27, Delta Council approved the updated Permitted Projections in Multi-Unit Residential Zones.


July 27, 2021

Proposed Permitted Projections in Multi-Unit Residential Zones  

At Delta’s Regular Council Meeting of July 12 the city’s bylaw regarding Proposed Permitted Projections in Multi-Unit Residential Zones received first and second reading.

The report proposes a range of new allowances for permitted building projections within multi-unit residential zones (see p.2 of the report for more information on the proposed changes). It also clarifies design requirements and regulations for multi-unit residential applicants.


March 23, 2021

Housing Action Plan Public Feedback Summary and Next Steps

At the City of Delta Regular Council Meeting of March 9 a report on ‘Delta’s Housing Action Plan Public Feedback Summary and Next Steps’ was endorsed by Council. Included in the report are seven strategies with specific actions that will serve as the Basis of the Action Plan. The seven strategies (see below) range in scale, level of complexity, level of impact, and timeframe for implementation.

  • Promote priority housing types through a sliding scale incentive package
  • Explore ways to increase land availability for priority housing
  • Introduce tenant relocation and rental stock protection policies
  • Create opportunities for gentle density
  • Increase the number of accessible units in Delta
  • Pilot inclusionary zoning
  • Strengthen the City’s partnerships and advocacy role

Also Included in the report are recommended actions for each strategy (for more information on the recommended actions please see the staff presentation and report).

Once the Draft Housing Action Plan is complete in the spring, staff will then engage the public for their feedback and finalize the strategies. The Housing Action Plan is anticipated to be finalized in the summer.


January 26, 2021

New Parks, Recreation and Culture Amenity Contributions Policy

The City of Delta adopted a new Parks, Recreation and Culture Amenity Contributions policy. The policy is intended to provide a more predictable framework for amenity contributions for the Development Industry to follow. Under the new policy, the majority of new multi-unit mixed-use and larger complex development in the City would contribute to the cost of community amenities. The funds that will be generated from this policy would be used primarily for Parks, Recreation, and Culture, projects and will be subject to a review after a two-year period.

The policy includes criteria for amenity contribution rates, flat rate ($1,000 per Unit) for multi-unit and or mixed-use developments and a negotiated rate approach (target of 25% of land life arising from rezoning) for unique large and complex projects. For amenity contributions that fall within the negotiated approach, a staff report with a recommendation contribution rate will be brought to Council at the early stages of the application.

See the Parks, Recreation and Culture Amenity Contribution Council Report here.

UDI also received a letter from the City of Delta regarding Delta’s New Parks, Recreation, and Culture Amenity Contributions (PRCAC) Policy on Jan 14.

Please contact Richard Demkiw by email at rdemkiw@udi.org  with any questions or comments about the new policy.


December 15, 2020

Proposed Accessible Parking Regulations

At Delta’s Regular Council meeting on December 7 a report  regarding proposed changes to the city’s Accessible Parking Regulations received first and second reading. The proposed bylaw amendment would increase the accessibility of parking in the City by adding requirements for van accessible parking where accessible parking is required, as well as adding a requirement for residential visitor parking to include accessible parking.

In section D (P.15) of the report there are examples of how the proposed changes would affect hypothetical residential and commercial developments in Delta, including the increase in total required width of the parking area for such a development. While the analysis shows the total width allocated for parking would only increase marginally, it also shows that the additional width may pose some challenges for denser developments with underground parking.


December 1, 2020

Advisory Design Panel 

An opportunity exists for a UDI member to serve as a non-voting representative on the Advisory Design Panel (ADP) in Delta. This advisory panel will help provide advice to Council on matters related to the design and construction of buildings and site design within the Municipality, with the objective of promoting high quality building design. (See the proposed ADP Terms of Reference)

Staff encourage applications from people who have valuable knowledge and experience in areas such as planning, engineering, real estate, construction, design or the development industry.

If you are interested in being appointed to the above advisory committee for a one-year term commencing January 2021, please submit a brief resume and covering letter indicating your interest, why you would like to serve, and any relevant knowledge and experience you may have. The Committee will meet up to twelve times per year.

Applications should be sent to the Office of the City Clerk by January 8, 2021


November 17, 2020

Housing Strategy Workshop

The City of Delta has been working this year on the Housing Action Plan to address the needs identified through last year’s Housing Needs Assessment. Delta held a stakeholder meeting on November 4, to discuss some possible strategies and actions the City is considering implementing over the next five years (see below). The presentation from the November Stakeholder Housing Action Plan Workshop can be found here.

The strategies include:

  1. Promote priority housing through ‘sliding scale’ incentives
    2. Explore ways to increase land availability for priority housing
    3. Create opportunities for gentle density
    4. Introduce renter protection policies
    5. Increase the number of accessible units in Delta
    6. Pilot pre-zoning in select areas near town Centres
    7. Introduce inclusionary zoning policies

A virtual engagement page is open until December 7th. The input received will be used to help develop the City’s draft Housing Action Plan. The draft plan is expected to be presented to Delta Council in Spring 2021 for consideration and will be followed by a final round of virtual public consultation.

Should you wish to speak with Delta staff about the Housing Action Plan, please email housingactionplan@delta.ca


November 3, 2020

Scott Road Corridor –Mayors housing task force report 

At the City of Delta’s Regular Council meeting on October 26 the ‘Mayor’s Housing Task Force for Scott Road Recommendations Report‘ was discussed. Council received the report for informational purposes and referred the report back to staff. Staff is expected to come back with an implementation strategy for the report. Council also passed a motion that suggests current and new development applications for the Scott Road corridor be allowed to advance. Such applications will be reviewed for consistency with and in light of the recommendations of the Task Force.


September 22, 2020

Mass Timber Early Adopter Initiative

At the City of Delta Regular Council Meeting on September 14th  (item F.20) a motion was carried to sign-on to the Provincial Office of Housing and Construction Standards as a Mass Timber Early Adopter Initiative. Any project constructed under this initiative in Delta is subject to the following additional request for:

See the report here.

For any additional questions or comments please contact Richard Demkiw.


August 11, 2020

Soon to come* UDI/ HAVAN Delta Liaison Committee

UDI Fraser Valley and HAVAN are establishing a Development Liaison Committee with the City of Delta. If you have projects in Delta and are interested in participating on the Committee please contact Richard Demkiw or by phone at 778.388.1639.


City of Delta Mayor’s Housing Task Force for the Scott Road Corridor

On July 29th Jeff Fisher, Vice President & Senior Policy Advisor at UDI participated in a panel discussion at the Delta Mayor’s Housing Task Force for the Scott Road Corridor.

The discussion was facilitated by Modus Consulting and the Task Force membership includes Mayor Harvie, three of our Councillors, and several community members.The session served to inform the Task Force on development industry considerations related to the redevelopment of the Scott Road Corridor.

More information about the Task Force, including the agenda, minutes, and mandate is available here.


July 28, 2020

Online Engagement Platform

The City of Delta has launched its online engagement platform called ‘Let’s Talk Delta.’ The online tool will help residents stay up to date on projects that the city is working on, and offer opportunities to provide their feedback on community initiatives.


July 14, 2020

Electric Vehicle Strategy

At Delta’s Regular Council meeting of July 6, a report on the Electric Vehicle Strategy’ went to Council.

Delta’s Zoning Bylaw currently requires 20% of the parking stalls in new multi-unit residential or mixed-use buildings with more than six dwelling units to be provided with a level 2 charging station or roughed-in conduit or cable with electrical panel and physical space for associated equipment for a level 2 charging station.

The Strategy includes recommendations to bring forward the following revisions to the zoning Bylaw for consideration by Council and the Public:

Council passed the vote to support the recommendations as amended. A more detailed financial analysis will be provided to Council with the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendments.

Council Dylan Kruger also passed a motion to refer the report to the Mayor’s Task Force for their comment.

See here for the full report.


June 30, 2020

Options for Permitted Projections in Multi-Unit Residential Zones

A report on ‘Options for Permitted Projections in Multi-Unit Residential Zones’ (Item F.06) was presented at the Delta’s regular Council meeting of June 15. The report’s purpose was to present options and recommendations for adding different permitted projections in multi-unit residential zones in “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 7600, 2017.

Staff presented four options to Council. There was some debate from Council between options one and two (see below), this resulted in a motion from Council to workshop the item. Further discussion on the proposed bylaw amendment will be made sometime over the next few weeks. See here for the full report.

Public Engagement Changes for Public Information Meetings

At the June 15th Regular Meeting of Delta Council approved a recommendation (F.07) by staff that public engagement for major development projects will resume by the means of an online engagement platform called Bang the Table starting in July 2020. This tool would be utilized in lieu of public information meetings during and post-pandemic. See here for the full report.



April 21, 2020

Borrowing approved to meet corporate cash flow requirements, if necessary

At a special meeting on Tuesday, April 14, Council unanimously approved a bylaw allowing the city to borrow up to $35 million as a means of covering its operating expenses should the need arise.

The bylaw authorizes the city to temporary borrow the amount to “meet corporate cash flow requirements, if necessary,” pending receipt of 2020 tax revenues. That authorization does not automatically mean Delta is borrowing the funds however; it simply allows the city to apply for short-term financing with the Municipal Finance Authority

The report highlights that there has been discussion with the province and other municipalities about extending the due date for property taxes from July 2nd to September 2nd. This could put a strain on the city’s cash flow. Therefore, the decision for the City to borrow money could provide a safety net if needed moving forward. See here for the link to the full report.

See here for the News release from the City of Delta


March 10, 2020

Housing Needs Report

On February 24th, 2020, Delta Council endorsed the Housing Needs Assessment. The Housing Needs Assessment establishes Delta’s current housing situation, including data analysis, public consultation, stakeholder engagement, and the identification of nine priority needs. See below for the nine priorities identified in the assessment:

The Right Supply

  1. More affordable rental options;
  2. Housing options to suit an aging population; and
  3. Greater supply of supportive and accessible housing units.

The Right Price

  1. Housing affordability for young people and families;
  2. More opportunities for non-market/below-market housing;
  3. Creative options; and
  4. Reduce transportation costs through transit-oriented development.

The Right Balance

  1. Density and infill that balances everyone’s needs.

Support Communities in Housing Need

  1. Support for vulnerable populations at greater housing risk.


These nine priority needs will be explored in phase 2 of the Housing Action Plan, which is to take place throughout 2020. There will be further opportunities for engagement starting in May 2020. The final Housing Action Plan report is anticipated by the end of 2020. See here for more information on the Housing Action Plan.


February 11, 2020

Housing Action Plan Update

Please see the attached Delta Housing Action Plan update. The report includes the Housing Needs Engagement Summary and the draft reports of the Community Housing Profile.


October 15, 2019

UPDATED: Housing Action Plan Workshop

The City of Delta is undertaking a Housing Action Plan in 2019-2020 to address Delta’s housing needs and strategies to respond to these needs in the future.

While community workshops have now closed, the online survey is open until October 18th.


September 30, 2019

Housing Action Plan Workshop

The City of Delta is undertaking a Housing Action Plan in 2019-2020 to address Delta’s housing needs and strategies to respond to these needs in the future. 

Please see the opportunities to attend community workshops. You will also have the opportunity to sit down with workshop facilitators to discuss experiences, perspectives, and ideas. There will also be the opportunity to complete the community survey.


There are opportunities to attend two community workshops

Date: Thursday October 3rd

Time: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Location: Harris barn, Ladner 4140 Arthur Drive.


Date: October 8th

Time: 6:00pm -8:00 pm

Location: South Delta Recreation Centre, Hall C 1720 56 Street.

More information can be found at www.delta.ca/housingactionplan.

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