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  • City of Abbotsford has closed all City facilities to the public including City Hall, the Public Works Yard, and front counters at Fire Halls, however, staff continue to be available via phone, email and virtual meetings.
  • Development Inquiry Meetings (DIM) are proceeding online. See here for the link.
  • City Council meetings continue with physical distancing protocols in place, and Public Hearings will recommence starting April 20th, with strict physical distancing measures in place along with a maximum of 50 people, per Provincial Health Orders.
  • Development application reviews are continuing, including receiving new applications. Applications that don’t involve large plans can be submitted via an overnight drop box, with larger plans being accepted via couriers.
  • Council approved file extensions to Dec. 23rd, 2020 for ALL Development Applications that have already exercised extensions delegated to the General Manager of Planning & Development Services under the Development Application Procedures Bylaw.
  • Legal documents are being received via couriers, they are then processed and sent out electronically to the solicitors, with hard copies following via mail.
  • New building permit issuance will not be available for pickup at City Hall. A draft of a building permit conditions will be emailed to the applicant for the applicant to review and confirm in writing (email is acceptable) that they acknowledge the terms and conditions of the permit. Upon receipt of the written confirmation, staff will issue the applicant the building permit via email.
  • The Step Code implementation date for single detached dwellings was planned for April 1, 2020. Council postponed this until further notice.
  • Building Inspections can continue to be booked or cancelled via the City’s website.
  • City staff may not attend to all inspection requests in person and may complete inspections by using alternative methods (i.e. such as field reviews from registered professionals). When staff perform an inspection, social distancing protocols must be followed and the inspector may ask for the building to be vacated prior to performing the inspection (rescheduling of the inspection may be necessary). If an inspection request will not be attended to by City staff, applicants will be contacted directly to outlined next steps. Where possible, we recommend that supporting documents for inspections be emailed directly to the building inspector.
  • Council has waived all business licence late renewal penalties from March 1, 2020 until the end of 2020.
City Services Updates


Planning & Development Services Bulletin


Service Delivery Changes Bulletin



  • City Hall will serve the public on an appointment-only basis.
  • If anyone would like to come to city hall, an appointment must be made in advance with the planner/technician who will be notified of your arrival by our security guard and come greet you at the main entrance door.
  • All regularly scheduled Board, Committee, and Commission meetings are cancelled until the end of April 2020.
  • The City is reviewing agenda items for Council, and further information will be provided at a later date concerning advancement of specific reports to Council.
  • In regard to requests for meetings, we encourage members of the public, applicants and consultants to make every effort to maintain social distancing and to use telephone and email as the primary communication tool with the City, rather than scheduling appointments to come speak directly with staff.
  • We encourage all applicants to submit their applications digitally wherever possible, or to courier applications to City Hall, which will be processed by our Mail Room.
  • For further information on application procedures, enquiring parties can contact our Front Counter staff at 604-294-7400 prior to scheduling any appointment to make applications. Further information will also be provided on the release of permits and applications such as PPA, Subdivision and Building Permits.
  • The City of Burnaby are at a reduced staffing level, with half of the staff in the office one week, and then working from home the next.
  • Staff are still available over the telephone/conference calls/email.
COVID-19 Updates



  • The Regular Afternoon Meetings of Council will continue as scheduled, however the Public Hearings and Advisory Committee meetings have been postponed.
  • Council passed a resolution to close meetings to the public for the duration of the public health emergency.
  • Pursuant to Ministerial Order M083, rezoning applications that are consistent with the Official Community Plan, development variance permit applications, temporary use permit applications, and liquor licensing referrals are now proceeding under an alternate public input and approval process, whereby public notifications will be the same as the current process, signs will still be posted on site, notifications will be sent to property owners within 30 m of the proposed development, and notices will be printed in the newspaper.
  • Affected parties will be able to provide input to Council by written submission only.
  • Notifications and signage will state that written comments are to be submitted by 4 p.m. on the Monday before the item is to be considered by Council.
  • City Hall has been temporarily closed to the public.
  • The Planning Department will continue to receive and process applications and are working on a revised procedure for Public Hearings / Public Information Meetings.
  • Staff can receive applications digitally, by courier, or by drop-box at the front of City Hall.
  • Building Inspections are proceeding, physical distancing procedures in place.
  • Building Dept staff are available by phone or email and plan reviews are ongoing.
  • A drop-off box has been set up at the main entrance for Correspondence and BP submissions.
  • Land Development application reviews are continuing and applications can be submitted via courier only.
  • The City is receiving applications that don’t involve large plans via an overnight drop box, larger plans are only accepted via couriers.
  • Legal documents are being received via couriers, they are then processed and sent out electronically.
  • Development Inquiry Meetings (DIM) are proceeding online.
  • Building Permits are being issued. Payment done by cheque, Visa or electronically. Issued building permits can be picked up at main entrance or delivered to the site by a building inspector.
  • City staff will continue to be accessible via phone, email, and virtual meetings.
COVID-19 Updates



  • he Public Hearing scheduled for Monday, March 30, 2020 and the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 2, 2020 have been cancelled. Future meetings will have social distancing measures instituted.
  • City Hall is closed, but staff are accessible via phone/email.
  • The central customer service centre will continue to be staffed from 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday and can be reached by phone at 604-927-3430.
  • Development application reviews are continuing with a focus on existing in-stream applications.
  • New development applications can be submitted digitally.
  • Due to the necessary in-person application pre-screening, staff are not currently accepting new Building Permit applications with the exception of the following:
    • Demolitions – Applications are available online and can be submitted by email and/or mail. In order to process the application, the City requires a completed application, agent authorization, a current land title, and a cheque or credit card payment.
    • Plumbing Permits – Applications are available online and can be submitted by email and/or mail, except for more complex multifamily/commercial applications that require plumbing review. Plumbing contractors can send a completed plumbing application and payment by email or mail.
    • EPlan – Customers registered in the EPlan program will be able to continue as they have in the past. Upon issuance, all EPlan documents will be delivered to customers via email. Those not registered in the EPlan program are encouraged to arrange for a digital application after speaking to your File Manager or the Building Front Counter Supervisor at 604-927-3962.
  • Inspections are continuing and inspectors are working remotely as much as possible. Additional requirements for inspections have been put in place to ensure compliance with public health guidance.
  • Construction Hours: Bylaw Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors and the Construction Site Officer will not enforce the Noise Bylaw to allow the extension of construction hours until 9pm, Monday to Friday, and until 8pm on Saturday.
    • This is conditional on the site strictly adhering to the Orders issued by the PHO and following the protocols put in place in regard to construction sites, and that all efforts are made to minimize the noise impacts during extended hours.
  • Staff are encouraging all applicants to use an online file Transfer (FTP) service as email inboxes have a storage capacity limit.
Development Services Bulletin #1 (revised)


Development Services Bulletin #2


Development Services Bulletin #3 (revised)


Erosion & Sediment Control Memo



  • City Hall is closed to the public.
  • City Council Meetings will continue and reports for final approval will continue to be presented to Council.
  • Public Hearings have been cancelled for March and April.
  • New land development and building permit applications are being accepted, and complete applications can be submitted just outside of City Hall, where a drop-box is available for paper application forms and plans.
  • Building and plumbing inspections will still be conducted, however, it is requested that people vacate the site while the inspection is occurring.
  • Applicants are encouraged to contact the Applications Centre by email at cpd@delta.ca and staff will respond as soon as possible. The City is encouraging all communication to occur via phone and email.
COVID-19 Updates


Homes & Development


Community Planning & Development Services Bulletin

Langley City


  • City Hall is closed to the public.
  • Council meetings will proceed as scheduled for now, and all committee and task group meetings have been suspended until further notice.
  • The City is reviewing development application procedures including how or whether to hold public hearings. Board and committee meetings (including the Board of Variance and Advisory Design Panel) have been suspended.
  • Building permit applications (all types) can continue to be made; however, completed applications will only be accepted by dropping off the drawings and required documentation into the bin provided at the North entrance of City Hall. Should there be any missing documentation, the applicant will be contacted by email.
  • Until further notice, we are cancelling all pre-application meetings. Please email inspections@langleycity.ca or phone 604.514.2804 for any questions or concerns.
  • Any questions or inquiries regarding building permits and licences can be emailed to inspections@langleycity.ca or you can contact us at 604.514.2804.
  • All inspections for business licence and occupied single-family dwellings will pause until further notice. This includes large publicly occupied buildings and secondary suite inspections. Inspection requests will be reviewed at the start of each day and those inspections which will not be carried out will be notified.
COVID-19 Updates

Langley Township


  • Township Civic Facility is closed to the public.
  • Council has decided to suspend all advisory committee meetings that are scheduled to take place until further notice.
  • Regular Council meetings and Public Hearings have been replaced with Special Council meetings which will be held as required, with Council members participating remotely.
  • Special Meetings for the Purpose of a Public Hearing: Written submissions are encouraged as attendance will be limited. Relevant background material may be viewed here and submitted by email.
  • Engineering and Community Development customer service counters at the Civic Facility are closed for in person transactions. Staff will be available via phone or email.
  • Small Community Development and Building Permit related applications can be deposited in the drop box outside the main first floor entrance at the Township Civic Facility. Larger applications may be submitted by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, contact:
    • Building Permits – Permits Licence and Inspection Services at 604.533.6018
    • Rezoning, Subdivision, and Development Permits at 604.533.6034
  • Engineering related permits can be submitted via email to enginfo@tol.ca
  • Staff continue to process applications and inspection requests, but are changing the way we deliver service. Staff will contact applicants regarding next steps related to fees, documentation, issuance and inspection delivery.
  • Continue to book required inspections, but be aware that some building inspections are currently suspended. This does not alleviate the requirement for inspections to occur.
  • All building inspections on occupied buildings are currently suspended. This includes single-family dwellings, secondary suite inspections, business license inspections and publicly occupied buildings.
  • Developer-led public information meetings will be at the discretion of the builder whether to proceed or reschedule, however all applicants are still responsible for adhering to the requirements of Policy 07-164.
COVID-19 Recent Updates

Maple Ridge


  • City Hall is closed to the public.
  • Council members are attending Council meetings remotely. Applicants are participating remotely. All Council meetings can be viewed from our web site.
  • The Advisory Design Panel meetings will be held remotely.
  • Staff remain available by phone and email. Packages can be left at a large drop box at the east entrance of City Hall. Larger packages can be delivered by calling (604) 467-7311 and a staff person will receive the package at the door.
  • Requests for in person meetings are not being accommodated. Staff are encouraging all applicants to work electronically or by telephone with their file managers.
  • A significant number of staff are working from home and the numbers are growing.
COVID-19 Information


Building Department Bulletin


Building Department Bulletin #2



  • All municipal buildings, including City Hall, are closed to the public.
  • Applications still being accepted, development applications are still moving forward and complete applications are now being accepted online.
  • Staff will continue to serve the public via phone and email.
COVID-19 Updates

New Westminster



  • City Hall is closed to the public.
  • Council has made the decision to cancel all advisory committee meetings that are scheduled to take place, until further notice. This includes Advisory Planning Commission, New Westminster Design Panel, Community Heritage Commission, Board of Variance and Land Use and Planning Committee.
  • Council has also cancelled the March 30th public hearings, and will not be setting any new public hearings until further notice.
  • Council will only be receiving essential reports, and will not accept any open delegations, public presentations until further notice. Regular Council meetings will be limited to 10 people in the audience.
  • Building permits continue to be accepted, by appointment only.
  • The City’s interim online system for permitting is now up and running live for the following types of applications:
    • Demolition – all types;
    • Landscaping and/or Hardscaping;
    • Oil Tank Removal;
    • Retaining Wall or Structure;
    • Trades Permits; and
    • Tree Permit.
  • Access to all online services are gathered together in one place on the City’s website: https://www.newwestcity.ca/services/online-services
  • Inspections are being carried out, provided sites are complying with Provincial orders and advice. Stop work orders may be issued for sites which are not.
  • The City is working with the Lower Mainland Purpose Society to expand the New Westminster Rent Bank Program.
  • City staff will continue to be accessible by phone and email.
COVID-19 Updates


Permit & Inspection Services Bulletin

North Vancouver City



  • Council meetings are proceeding online and will be webcast and options to hold Public Hearings without in-person speakers are being examined.
  • Council will only be dealing with matters related to COVID-19 or essential business operations.
  • All public engagements for active development applications process are postponed until later this spring. Committee Meetings, Public Hearings, Developer Information Sessions and Town Hall Meetings are cancelled.
  • City Hall is closed to the public, but staff are delivering services (with reduced capacity) and an increased focus on core functions.
  • The City will continue to process and review planning applications during this time, though applications will not proceed to Council until we are able to resume the public process. Visit our Development Applications page for details.
  • Building Permit applications may be dropped off at 14th Street East entrance. Applicants will be emailed a permit application fee invoice once intake processing is completed; fee payments can be made online using CityServe or by cheque via the drop box. A delay of up to 48 hours in processing applications should be anticipated.
  • Wherever possible, please apply for trades permits electronically. Application forms are available online at: http://www.cnv.org/permits. Email completed applications to devel@cnv.org.
  • Construction permits are now accepted online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of North Vancouver is now accepting all construction permit applications electronically, through devel@cnv.org. All permit application processes will remain the same other than receiving the physical document copies.
  • Fee payments will be processed using the CityServe Online Service Centre. Hardcopy permit application submissions are still being accepted at City Hall, in a drop box outside the 14th Street East entrance. A delay of up to 48 hours in processing hardcopy applications should be anticipated.
  • Building Department is accepting plan sets through a drop box outside of City Hall and are moving rapidly towards digital processes for Building plan submission. Planning is accepting documents and drawings digitally.
  • Inspections of unoccupied buildings are proceeding with social distancing procedures in place.
  • Inspection requests can be submitted via the City’s 24-hr inspection request line at 604-990-4249. They will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. City staff may not attend to all inspection requests in person and may complete inspections based using alternate inspection methods. Should an inspection not be expected to be attended to in person by City staff, applicants will be contacted regarding next steps.
  • Staff are not hosting any external meetings (except by phone) and have cancelled all public engagements.
  • Most City Hall staff are now working remotely and are best reached via email.
Updates- COVID-19


Development Application Updates


Online Services


Updates & Announcements

North Vancouver District



COVID-19 Updates and Closures

Port Coquitlam



  • City Hall and the Annex will continue to be open for limited services. Public is advised to make an appointment for services by calling 604-927-5411 or email info@portcoquitlam.ca.
  • Council meetings will continue at this time with appropriate social distancing measures in place.
  • The Development Services offices are closed, and they are encouraging digital submissions when feasible. Otherwise pick up and drop off is via appointment only.
  • Building and plumbing inspections will continue subject to meeting safety requirements.
  • Staff have indicated that at present they are continuing to provide normal services levels, and new development, building and business license applications are being accepted and processed.
  • Staff are encouraging all communication via phone, email or video conferencing.
  • Property Taxes: Port Coquitlam is cancelling its 2020 property tax increase and deferring payments until September 2, 2020
COVID-19 Updates

Port Moody



  • The City has suspended walk-in, face-to-face service at City Hall until further notice.
  • The City has cancelled the March 24, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council, the March 31, 2020 Public Hearing, and the March 31, 2020 Finance Committee meeting.
  • Check the Council and Committee Meetings page to find out whether a specific meeting is cancelled.
  • All in-person meetings for Civic Committees, Boards, and Commissions have been cancelled and remote meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Chair.
  • As our second floor counter at City Hall is not available to the general public at this time, please direct all permit and inspection-related inquiries to the Building Department at 604-469-4534, or via email at buildingpermits@portmoody.ca.
  • Wherever possible, please visit apply for permits electronically. Application forms are available online at portmoody.ca. Small files can be submitted via email to buildingpermits@portmoody.ca; larger files can be submitted via our website by using the 2big4email tool.
  • Applications cannot be processed until ALL required information is submitted. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Cheques are the preferred method of payment. While some fee payments can be processed over the phone via credit card, Damage Bonds must be paid by cheque.
  • A delay in processing applications should be anticipated. To coordinate an application intake please email buildingpermits@portmoody.ca or call the Building Department at 604-469-4534.
  • Inspections will continue via the City’s 24-hour inspection request line at 604-469-4565. Inspections will be prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis. You must book an inspection prior to 4pm to be added to the schedule for the following business day.
  • City Building Officials will not enter a building if the building is occupied by anyone other than the person responsible for the inspection request. Alternative inspection methods may be used to confirm substantial compliance with the BC Building Code and the City’s Bylaws. Should an alternative inspection be required, permit holders will be contacted by a Building Official for coordination.
COVID-19 Updates


Notice to Permit Holders




  • City Hall will be closed to the public for 30 days, with the exceptions of Council Meeting, Public Hearings, and Standing Committee Meetings. Council, Public Hearing and Committee meetings will continue to be open to the public with social distancing protocols in place.
  • For Building/Plumbing/Gas/Tree and Demolition Permit applications, completed application forms and supporting materials along with payment by cheque can be sent to Richmond City Hall via courier only. Please contact City staff at 604-276-4000 to arrange for drop off and receipt of materials as well as pick up of permits.
  • Electronic applications and supporting materials can also be submitted. Completed forms, materials and a covering message should be addressed to the email: building@richmond.ca
  • Contact building@richmond.ca, or via phone at 604-276-4118 for general inquiries.
  • Inquiries on applications that are already in-process should be forwarded to the Plan Reviewer in charge via email or telephone. Please include your address or permit number in all correspondence.
  • For Building/Plumbing/Gas/ and Tree Inspections:
    • Requests for inspections continue to be received, however some may have unavoidable service delay or interruption
    • All physical site inspections to existing, occupied residential dwellings are suspended until further notice.
    • For all other construction, alternative arrangements to inspection compliance may be made upon contacting the inspector
      • to arrange for certification of work through site observation reports from the registered professional
      • to arrange for site conditions that will allow physical inspection respecting all VCH and WorkSafe regulations and guidelines.
    • Contact 604-276-4111 for general inquiries on inspection procedures.
  • The City is willing to consider applications for Temporary Noise Bylaw Exemption Permits on multi-family developments to help the industry mitigate the schedule impacts caused by following these important Provincial guidelines.
    • The normal exemption application process will still apply, however the 3 weeks advance notice period will be waived and COVID-19 noise bylaw exemption requests will be expedited by the City.
    • Please note that the impacts to adjacent residences must be mitigated, and noise generating activity outside of the bylaw hours should be minimized as much as possible. Noise complaints will still result in cancellation of any approved noise bylaw exemptions.
COVID-19 Updates


News Release





  • City Hall has been closed to the public and staff are moving to telephone and online service.
  • “Regular Business Meetings” for April are being replaced with “Special Meetings”. This will allow for greater flexibility in scheduling and holding meetings and Council will be taking up the new ability granted by the Province to hold meetings entirely electronically to protect our staff and council and adhere to physical distancing recommendations.
  • Council has committed to ensuring that decisions which require, by legislation or bylaw, public participation will not move forward to a Public Hearing in order to ensure that the community continues to have every opportunity to participate in the public process. As always, the public is encouraged to be aware of what is on the Council Agenda and watch the meeting live-streamed on the District website, or at a later time from the meeting archive. At this time, there will be no public attendance in the Council Chamber, and the District is committed to keeping to agenda items where feedback can be received by correspondence/email without any hearings or in-person participation. Contact council@squamish.ca or planning@squamish.ca.
  • Options for expanded on-line public engagement opportunities are being explored for various projects.
  • Staff are working on messaging on how permits can be accepted and processed.
COVID-19 Updates


Operational Plan




  • City Hall will remain open with business as usual, with social distancing risk reduction measures in place.
  • Modifications have been made to the customer service counters at City Hall such as the requirement to use to use hand sanitizer stations upon entry and exit from City Hall.
  • In light of the ongoing and rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to maximize social distancing, Council meetings will now be conducted virtually and live-streamed on our website.
  • Public Hearing swill now take place virtually, with opportunities to participate by phone and through written submissions. More information is available on the City’s website.
  • Planning & Development now has a call centre that allows residents to avoid visiting City Hall. Call 604-591-4086 for assistance.
  • All Planning & Development permits will now be digitally accepted by email at permitapplication@surrey.ca.
  • Applicants must submit all necessary documentations, similar to in-person permit application submissions. Once Planning & Development staff receive an emailed permit application, the attached documents will be printed and saved digitally. Regular permit intake procedures will then continue as usual. Any permit application deficiencies will be communicated by email.
  • Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Trees and Landscape inspections are still being scheduled; however, until further notice, there will be no inspections of occupied homes, properties and spaces; and no inspections when City Officials, at their sole discretion, believe there is a health hazard.
  • Inspections will be carried with only one person present to meet the inspector while maintaining appropriate social distancing.
  • To protect our staff, the City has begun implementing remote work options that ensure employee safety while maintaining full continuity in City operations.
  • In light of the ongoing and rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to maximize social distancing, Council meetings will now be conducted virtually and live-streamed on our website.
COVID-19 Updates




  • All City Hall buildings are closed except by appoint, in some cases.
  • Council-appointed advisory meetings, open houses, workshops, pop-up and street activities, along with rezoning open houses, as well as all boards and commissions meetings have been suspended until further notice.
  • Additionally, open houses for rezonings are suspended as well as all in-person public consultation for various policy projects.  At this time, Council meetings are still scheduled to occur as planned in a video conferencing / electronic forum.
  • The Development and Buildings Services Centre (Vancity Building) is open for appointments or payment only, email csg.enquirycentre@vancouver.ca
    • Staff are continuing to process and review applications to help ensure businesses can continue to operate
  • The Engineering Services Centre (Crossroads) is open for appointments only, call 604-871-6730.
  • Planning & Development now has a call centre that allows residents to avoid visiting City Hall. Call 604-591-4086 for assistance.
  • Development, building, trades, fire, and licensing inspections are continuing as normal with enhanced safety precautions.
  • Construction hours: Staff are implementing a case by case review of exemption requests. The process will include the following considerations:
    • The intake team will now prioritize exemptions for critical construction activities, such as those related to health care, sheltering, child care, etc;
    • Staff will be taking into account a worksites’ ability to achieve social distancing requirements;
    • To streamline the application process the City will add additional staff as needed to support noise bylaw exemption requests, should there be a significantly increase above our current levels; and
    • The Engineering department is already allowing infrastructure construction to operate with longer daytime hours due to decreased demand for the road network during core hours, which should enable some sites to operate more efficiently within our noise bylaws.
  • The City will be notifying all applicants with current TRP obligations to request that they place a temporary, indefinite hold on tenant evictions until the emergency situation passes, and that they adjust all relocation efforts to low risk measures (e.g. when learning about tenant needs), and continue to communicate to tenants of any measures being taken.
  • City moves to expand virtual access to public meetings

COVID-19 Need to Know

West Vancouver



  • The District Hall will be operating with reduced hours of access. It will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Council cancelled all regularly scheduled council meetings until the end of June, with the exception of April 20 and May 4 meetings. Council may call special meetings to deal with emergent business as required.
  • The District is also postponing all in-person public engagement on District initiatives and development applications until further notice. Further measures will be considered regarding public meetings as needed.
  • Staff have indicated that the District has implemented plans to continue receiving and reviewing all permits and subdivisions, along with continuing to review rezonings and development permits.
  • In response to COVID-19, effective Monday, March 30 the District is no longer accepting paper applications or paper documents for construction and trades permits. We are still open for business and here to accept new applications and documents for existing applications electronically.
  • Information on how to apply for permits online is available on the City’s website: https://westvancouver.ca/news/construction-permits-accepted-electronically
  • Signage has been posted directing staff to monitored phone lines and email addresses for inquiries.
  • Inspections will continue, however inspectors will not enter occupied homes or businesses and the District is examining the possibility of virtual inspections.
  • In-person meetings will no longer place, and instead will be held online or via phone.
COVID-19 Updates

White Rock



  • All City of White Rock-run buildings, including City Hall, are closed to the public.
  • City Council Meetings will continue to be held with livestreaming available. However Committee meetings, including Advisory Design Panels and Public Hearings for development projects, have been cancelled until the end of May subject to the Public Health Officer Order against gatherings of greater than 50 people.
  • Staff are still working on and reviewing applications. However, comments from some departments (e.g. Fire) will be delayed because of their focus on responding to COVID-19.
  • All completed building permit application packages, along with a cheque for the application fee ($200.00), will need to be submitted to City Hall. This can be done through either the Finance drop box at the front entrance, mailed in to the Planning and Development Services Department at 15322 Buena Vista Ave., White Rock BC V4B 1Y6, or through a coordinated drop off time with staff so that the application and payment is retrieved in a safe and timely manner.
  • If all the required documents and drawings are included, the application will be processed and placed into the building permit review queue. If the application is not complete, an email will be sent to the applicant, notifying of the deficiencies by the Permit Clerk. The permit will not be processed until such time that the outstanding documentation has been submitted.
  • Application forms and checklists can be located on our website through the Forms & Applications page. Any inquiries regarding the application process or checklist requirements can be made with the Building Department at building@whiterockcity.ca or 604-541-2136.
  • All completed and signed sprinkler and plumbing permit applications are to be either dropped off at City Hall through the Finance drop box at the front entrance, or submitted by mail to the Planning and Development Services Department, with payment enclosed via cheque. Applications for sprinkler and plumbing permits are found on our website in the Forms & Applications page. To calculate the required fee, please email or call staff for clarification at building@whiterockcity.ca or 604-541-2136.
  • Inspections are still occurring, however precautions are being taken with regards to COVID-19.
  • Staff are encouraging online interactions (e.g. email) from applicants as much as possible.
COVID-19 Updates


Building Department Updates


Other Organizations

Organization Process Changes Online Resources

BC Hydro


  • All non-emergency planned power outages affecting residential customers will be cancelled.
  • Planned outages for residential customers are being limited to critical work, such as replacing equipment that’s reached end-of-life and poses a risk to the public and/or our crews, and some work required to connect new customers.
  • New customer connections and reconnections will continue through the normal processes, but due to current conditions some work will take longer than usual. In an effort to protect employees, contractors, and customers, BC Hydro will not be completing optional upgrades or alterations at this time.
  • For buildings that have temporary master meters installed, individual suite meter installations will not proceed at this time.
  • To discuss billing options, please contact Business Account Services at 1 (866) 266 6366, available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or via email.
  • BC Hydro will no longer be working on customer alterations, upgrades, removals, relocations, “work withs”, vault isolations, subdivisions, or any other work considered non-critical.
  • More information on operations changes is available on BC Hydro’s website.

BC Hydro Bill relief (April 1)

  • BC Hydro announced that Residential customers who have lost their jobs or are unable to work as a result of COVID-19 will receive a credit to help cover the cost of their electricity bills. The credit will be three times their average monthly bill over the past year at their home and does not have to be repaid.
  • Small businesses that have been forced to close due to COVID-19 will have their power bills forgiven for three months. BC Hydro is waiving bills for these customers from April to June 2020.
COVID-19 Updates



  • As businesses and government take additional steps to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, FortisBC has taken several steps to protect the health and safety of our customers and employees while maintaining service levels and responding quickly to any emergency or outage situations.
  • Billing and payment: FortisBC has waived late payment fees and will ensure no customer is disconnected from the energy they need due to financial hardship at this time. Their team is ready to help you with any billing questions you have and can help find flexible payment options that work for you.
  • FortisBC is offering 3-month bill deferrals for residential and small business customers through its COVID-19 Recovery Fund.
COVID-19 Updates

BC Housing


  • Some in-person services are temporarily closing including the Licensing & Consumer Services reception and digital kiosk.
  • Applicants can apply for The Housing Registry online, or call 1-800-257-7756 (toll-free) or 604-433-2218 (in the Lower Mainland). Inquiries for the SAFER, Rental Assistance Program and Home Adaptations for Independence can be made by calling the same phone numbers.
  • Applicants for residential builder licences and related applications can go to Licensing & Consumer Services and email licensinginfo@bchousing.org or call 1-800-407-7757 with questions.
  • The requirements for CPD remain in place. However, if builders are having difficulty obtaining all CPD points this licence term due to disruptions in planned training, BC Housing will consider deferring CPD points and adding them to the next licence term. Licence renewals will be cone on a case-by-case basis if CPD requirements have not been met.
  • If builders wish to defer their renewal fee, please submit the renewal application and choose the “pay later” option. When this step is complete, email licensinginfo@bchousing.org, with your licence number in the subject line. For licensees who choose this option, please note that the licence will be restricted from enrolling new projects until the renewal fee has been paid.
  • BC Housing has now launched an Online Housing Partner Contact Form for our housing partners to submit requests and provide information to BC Housing related to COVID-19.
COVID-19 Updates

Land Title & Survey Authority


Land Title Act Section 49 Affidavits of Execution for Corporations During the COVID-19 Situation

  • Legal practitioners are reminded that the preferred forms of affidavits are guidelines only. Customers may submit variations in the content and format as long as the affidavit meets the requirements in section 49 of the Land Title Act.
  • Practitioners are also reminded that only one authorized signatory of a corporation is required to have their signature witnessed by an officer under section 44(3) of the Land Title Act.

Land Registration Services Included as Essential Service by Province

  • The Province of BC, in consultation with the Provincial Health Officer, has defined essential services British Columbians rely on in their daily lives in the context of COVID-19 response and recovery. View the list.
  • Land registration services are included on the list of essential services, along with our customers who deliver financial, legal, notary and real estate services to ensure the continuous functioning of BC’s real property market.
  • LTSA operations are continuing as usual during the continually-evolving COVID-19 situation. Although Front Counter services are closed to protect everyone’s health, customers can still file applications, register land title interests, and search for land information through our online systems.

UPDATE: LTSA Temporarily Allows Remote Witnessing of Affidavits in Support of Land Title Applications During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) thanks its customers for their questions and feedback over the past few weeks as everyone has adapted their business to comply with the Province’s physical distancing measures. As essential service providers, we are all connected in our efforts to maintain the continuous functioning of BC’s real property market during these extraordinary times.
  • The Director of Land Titles has issued Practice Bulletin 01-20 Process for Remote Witnessing of Affidavits for use in Land Title Applications, in effect immediately to provide direction about remote witnessing of affidavits in support of land title applications (including section 49) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This practice direction enables only BC lawyers and notaries who represent the parties to a property transaction to remotely witness affidavits. Lawyers and notaries who choose to remotely witness affidavits must first review the Law Society of British Columbia’s (LSBC) directions on best practices for using video-conferencing when providing legal advice or services, and must incorporate a statement in the jurat of the affidavit confirming this process was used and the best practices were followed.
  • Download the Practice Bulletin



Metro Vancouver




  • Metro Vancouver Housing’s head office, areas offices and site offices are temporarily closed to the public. We are available by phone and email via your Site Office / Housing Representative.
  • More information for Metro Vancouver tenants


Solid Waste

  • Metro Vancouver transfer stations and recycling depots are no longer accepting:
    • Clothing for donation
    • Books for donation
    • Expanded polystyrene (also known as Styrofoam) – white
  • As of Monday March 30, 2020 transfer stations will no longer accept cash payment
  • More solid waste operational changes


COVID-19 Updates


Municipal Government News Releases

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