About The Awards

UDI Awards for Excellence

The 2018 Awards for Excellence recognize the outstanding contributions made by leaders in the urban development industry to the built environment in British Columbia.

The Awards are the premier, and highest profile of peer to peer recognition of completed development projects in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.

Our awards recognize projects from ground-oriented to high rise, commercial/retail/office to mixed use and more. This year, we have included a new category to recognize outstanding Public Art.

Once again, UDI has partnered with the Vancouver Sun/Province for the Readers’ Choice award, an award voted on by the public through the use of social media.

The Institute’s values and principles are the standards against which all projects are measured. We respect the natural environment, we create the built environment, and we foster vibrant communities, recognizing that the impact from our developments will last for generations.

We strive to create a wider understanding of sound land use and development principles and practices. We value heritage, the power of a place to grow in significance over time. We salute the development which recognizes economic stability in the larger framework of sustaining the human environment.